Heather Leiphart, photojournalist

January 28, 2009

About me

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My name is Heather Leiphart.

I am a recent photojournalism graduate of  Abilene Christian University in Texas. I originally am from the Philadelphia area, specifically Reading, and I completed 61 credits with Penn State University before transferring to ACU.

ACU has provided me with an intense converged media education through ACEJMC accredited coursework and an award-winning student newspaper experience. In addition, I previously have interned with the Nashville Business Journal and the Tri-County Record.

I chose photojournalism because I couldn’t choose between writing and photography. My talents also include shooting and editing video as well as copy-editing, page design, web editing and everything else in the newsroom. I love shooting the news as opposed to portraits or general “art” photography because at the heart of every journalist is a storyteller. Portraits and art involve creating stories to tell, whereas in news, I try to capture the essence of a story already happening in a single photo.

I currently am looking for a position at a smaller-circulation newspaper which will allow me  to use my multi-faceted journalism talents, attention to detail, flexibility and perpetual curiosity. I love to show the extra-ordinary in the ordinary, and would rather work doing what I love in a new city than settle for a mediocre job just because it is where I want to live. I am searching in every state for the perfect community newspaper, and if that is you or someone you know, I would love to talk with you.

Please email Heather@Leiphart.com and I will be happy to send you my resume.


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