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March 30, 2010

Project 3- Creative Portrait

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Assignment- A portrait attempts to express the character of a person and pin down the sitter in the hierarchy of their world, socially and physically, showing status, authority, and significance. A portrait offers into a person beyond the details of appearance, revealing unknown sides of his or her character or showing a fresh perspective on someone we know well.

As art photographer, you’ve been asked to create a series of portrait photographs for a group exhibition. Your photographs will be used in collaboration with others, compiling a larger body of work. So visually explore variations of the subject-matter, consider unexpected results, compositions, etc.


Project 2- Reflections

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Assignment- The goal of this exercise is to explore another way of looking at things, and to produce mirrored images. Choose any subject-matter for this assignment, take as many pictures as you wish, and then post-process them in Photoshop, creating various reflected effects. Strong perspective lines, geometric shapes and textures provide great results. Also, try reflections out of mirrors or any reflective surface, look for ‘natural’ reflections and symmetry, same reflected effect can also be made out of other objects.

Project 1- Seeing Things

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Assignment- Create a variety of images, by experimenting/combining different techniques, and visual languages. Photograph various subject matter, including people and objects. This assignment is an exercise to looking at things from different perspectives, close-up details, abstractions. For this project, you MUST photograph through various lenses, glasses, plastics, with the intent to distort light (no digital (Photoshop) distortions allowed!). Feel free to build contraptions, models, change objects if needed.

For my images, I shot through a glass jar and a large plastic diamond.

November 15, 2009

Portrait sessions- digital shots

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Thanks Sommerly, Chase and Jason! 🙂

Sommerly Simser

Sommerly Simser

Sommerly Simser IMG_9813ps

IMG_9795ps Chase Brazell








Film photos from Jason’s shoot should be up in a few days. Thanks for looking! Click on the photos for bigger sizes.

October 30, 2009

Film Portraits- Sommerly and Chase

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My first try with studio portrait photography. I used a Canon EOS Elan II film camera and these photos are unaltered. Please feel free to critique.
Unfortunately, the studio strobes weren’t syncing with the film camera so these are shot with standing lights, but I do have some nice digital copies that I will post soon. As a journalist, it was hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea that the lighting is subject to my manipulation, so I still am working on training my eye to recognize good and bad shadows. Please click to see larger versions and leave comments.











October 1, 2009

Urban Landscapes

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Art Photography assignment: Look for photographic possibilities in the cities and in urban areas where we live and work. Urban landscape photography goes beyond capturing the big picture cityscape that is usually polished and clean. It depicts more than just buildings and their architectural style; it is more interested in what happens in and around them, and it focuses on the city itself and how the people live in it. Explore downtown Abilene on Pine and Treadaway and look for details and relationships between the architectural lines and surroundings, people and urban fragments. Develop, matte and frame two 7×9 prints. (Click for bigger sizes)


10_7 17_14




05_2 04_1 06_3



September 17, 2009

Grover Nelson Park

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Here are some photos from yesterday’s shoot at the park, focusing on depth of field and shutter speed for my art photography class. This was my first time shooting with film, and I found it nearly suffocating to stick to one roll of 24 exposures, but it definitely is great experience. I used a Canon EOS Elan II with a 300mm f2.8 lens; these photos are completely unaltered.

214616-R1-00-1A 214616-R1-01-2A




214616-R1-09-10A 214616-R1-08-9A


214616-R1-14-15A 214616-R1-16-17A


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